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Actually, it was delivered to Maggie and her husband Dave about 2 months ago. This is just how far behind on life I’ve been lately. I love this quilt. I unabashedly adore it, and I’m glad it found a good home. I name my quilts in my head when I’m working on them, and “Betty” was a doozy.


But so worth it. I free motion quilted this baby, and every section of white is a different quilting pattern (I repeated a handful of motifs throughout).


So that took forever. I sweated off a couple of pounds just from the quilting. If you’ve never quilted something before, essentially while you’re working it through your machine you are also lying under it. So it’s lots of arm muscle work while basically being stuck under a really warm blanket. The bigger the blanket, the warmer it is under there and the more tiring it is for the arms. See? Quilting is a workout!

Look at all that quilting thread on the back. If you stand too close you can see every mistake I made. So if for whatever reason you ever find yourself looking at this up close…don’t.


I used up every bit of fabric I’d bought for this quilt, from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics collection, but throwing what was left into this impromptu cross on the back.

So I’m thrilled with this one, I’m finished with this one, and I really need to get back behind my machine. I haven’t done much sewing since I sent this one home.