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Okay, now I can reveal the details behind this one. This quilt was Laura Ann’s birthday present. And Adam and I were able to meet up with her last night in NY to deliver it on her birthday, then race home before the snow storm that closed schools here today.

I started it thinking it would be her Christmas present, and then I saw the hat and bought it thinking it would be for her birthday. They’re so close together I often shop for both around the same time. And I was in good shape with this project, the quilt top was finished the week before Christmas. But then Christmas week came, and there just wasn’t time to quilt it and bind it. So I did that this week.

I had some minor drama putting the label on, but that was me rushing to get this done. I fixed it in the end, and this is the first time I’ve used my new labels!

This is the lighter font version that I printed on fabric paper, hopefully I’ll get the darker version from Spoonflower soon.

Now it’s all finished and delivered, on her actual birthday despite a snow storm, and I think I got the colors just right for her living room. And I love KarrieLyne’s pattern, I think it’s fantastic for LA. I’m really excited about this one, my first finished project of the new year.