This is a NJ attraction that’s been around for a few years, but this is its last summer. So H is just old enough to check it out, and I thought it was great. She was fairly suspicious of the dinosaurs, but this was her field trip choice last week. I gave her a choice between Lego store and dinosaurs, and when you have the chance to pick dinosaurs you pick dinosaurs!


A park ranger gives your child their “credentials” as soon as you enter, and H held on to this little booklet like the official document it was. We only ended up with a stamp and a sticker, but if she was older we would have tackled all the activities for a stamp bonanza. But she is 3, so we really just walked the trail inside and snuck up on unsuspecting dinos in the wild.


So the idea is that you walk along this path lined with heavy foliage, and then you hear breathing lizard sounds, and then you reach clearings in the foliage and see life-size animatronic dinosaurs! Except H did NOT believe me when I told her they were just “giant toys.”


I don’t think she was ever really convinced that they weren’t real.


She did love the dino dance party, though. That was where we got our 1 stamp.


She even limbo’d (this is her version of that dance classic).


The T-Rex is at the end of the tour, and by then H was full of suspicion. That photo at the top of this post is my favorite, she just would not walk in front of any dinosaurs. We posed for some T-Rex selfies, and since she could see the dinosaur behind us on my phone, she was less than thrilled about it. But, if you see a T-Rex while meandering on a path with heavy foliage, you take a selfie with it! Right? I’m pretty sure this is what Jurassic Park taught us all.