I wish I had some great insights to offer for last month beyond noting that Hannah’s fingerprints are a constant presence on our mirror.

June went fast. Hannah had three weeks off from school before starting the summer program, and now suddenly she goes back on Monday. July 4th has come and gone (and we had a great one, more on that later). The weather went from getting away with long sleeves to straight-up tank top and flip flops weather.

Ooh! That’s a new thing this month! I can finally walk in flip flops. In my seventh summer here I can finally walk in flip flops without tripping over myself. This is actually fairly huge news, as I typically spend all summer in socks and sneakers. Or sneakers without socks, which is, frankly, gross. It’s like a whole new world has opened up before me. A flip-floppy, glorious world.

Happy July 5th!