I didn’t even get half the month of May in photos, but to be fair we were out of the country for part of that time. And I didn’t take any outfit photos while we were away. I get a pass on all the yoga pants and stretchy jeans I wore on vacation because CHEESE.


I can’t believe it’s over already. We spent a week in France (CHEESE) and the UK, Adam and I had our seventh wedding anniversary, and I finished my Adobe Illustrator course. Actually, I submitted my final project this afternoon, so…June.

I am so very excited for June. I’ve finished with all of the courses I had lined up, and now I’m free from schoolwork for the first time in six months. I feel like climbing the nearest hill and twirling my skirts while I break into song, but I’m fairly certain you can be arrested for that in New Jersey.

I really want to spend this month refocusing, reorganizing, enjoying the start of summer with H, and getting some quilts made. The fabric in my studio has been watching me like one of those creepy paintings with moving eyes. They are so neglected, and I am behind on so many projects. Time to put the needle to the record, so to speak.

I also really, really mean to get this new blog rollout show on the road. I’m so excited about it, you guys. It’s amazing, modern, and demands some updated content and projects. So. Excited!

I’ll be back this week with trip photos, I have some good ones.