I haven’t posted anything about the Grand Canyon leg of our spring break trip yet, and I will definitely be doing that this week. I really struggled with the altitude up there, and between that, jet lag, and getting back into work I have been done the past week. I spent Easter Monday asleep. So I needed to take a little blogging break until the fog cleared and I could actually go through my photos from the trip. I still cannot believe my netbook crashed while I was away this weekend.

And now it’s May. I completely forgot it was May until it hit me on the drive home this afternoon. Another month done, and only a month and a half of school left this year. I can’t believe it. I can never believe it, I’m always surprised when spring really arrives. I love this time of year, I do more planning and get more excited about projects than I do at New Year’s. I love lists, I love resolutions, and I’ve got lots of good stuff coming up. Now if only I could stop napping every chance I get….