I’m finally posting my photos from our European trip last month. We weren’t in the UK for very long; we stayed overnight Saturday at my father- and stepmother-in-law’s house and had a birthday dinner for Adam’s younger brother. Then the next day we had lunch with Adam’s older brother and his family (including H’s two amazing cousins, Cleo and Livi). Then we set out for Dover to take the ferry to France with my mother- and stepfather-in-law.

We stayed overnight Sunday in Dover so we could climb up to the White Cliffs.

dovercliffsThey are white and cliffy. The view from the ferry was better, but I was too busy chasing a toddler around a moving ship to take photos. It’s beautiful countryside up there.

These two.



H thoroughly enjoyed the hotel experience, as usual.

doverhotelEarly Monday morning we drove over to the ferry and lined up for the trip to Calais, France.

doverferryWe took our rental car, it was quite an experience. I insisted on driving to the ferry terminal because, as an American, this was obviously an anecdote that I needed to add to my arsenal. That time I drove onto a ferry heading for France, you know.

Before we knew it, we were in France!



I’m not sure why I felt the windmills were a clear indication of the Frenchness of the area, but I did. And, they are loud close up.

We rented a little house in Normandy, about three hours drive from the ferry in Calais. It was a beautiful, scenic drive, but we were so happy when we finally arrived at our final destination some time on Monday. The sun didn’t set in northern France until nearly 10pm, so I had a very vague concept of time on this trip. That really threw me a for a loop, none of the Americans (citizens and permanent residents) ever really adjusted. H stayed awake in her crib until the sun went down pretty much every night.

But to spend a few days in this little cottage, named La Fermette De La Foret, was worth a little disorientation. H took to this house like a bee takes to flowers.








frenchhouse6She pushed that little stroller from her grandparents all over the property.

frenchhouse7And she loved early morning strolling sessions in her jammies and wellies with her grandparents, down to the street to see if they could catch the baker on his delivery route from the boulangerie.






She took to country life immediately. We all did, having our breakfast outside on the last morning.

frenchhouse11I’ll post photos of our actual sightseeing tomorrow. But isn’t this a great little place to call home for a week?