We are so jet lagged around here. The three of us just flew home from a week in France this past Saturday afternoon, and Adam and I have been completely delirious since. H’s recovered pretty well, although she’s been waking us up at wacky hours all through the night. She didn’t sleep at all on the flight home. Maybe that’s why we’re so delirious. This feels like the worst jet lag we’ve ever had!

So, we didn’t have much left in the tank to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday. Adam picked up Chinese from our “fancy” local place, and it turned out the meat in my dinner had gone off. How sad is that?!

We’ve decided we are rescheduling our anniversary this year! Two days after a long flight home–with a toddler up at all hours of the night–makes for a happily married couple who passed out before 9pm on their own wedding anniversary. We are old! And tired! Old and tired!

We have no idea when we’ll actually be celebrating; we’re still waiting for the cobwebs to clear from this jet lag.

Look at that happy, well-rested couple. They’re so cute and fresh-faced!