Yesterday morning was a complete frenzy in the modern quilting world while huge numbers of us tried to register for next year’s QuiltCon. It’s the only convention for modern quilters, and the first one held in 2013 was a huge success.

I got all of the workshops and lectures I wanted, including a technique class with Cristy Fincher and a block printing class with Lizzy House. I even picked up a hotel room nearby (those were going almost as quickly as the workshop registrations).

There are a million variables here. I’m still getting my head around the idea of leaving H and Adam for five days (the schedule is pretty full-on, so you kind of need to travel on either side of the dates). There is always a chance that something will come up and I’ll have to throw my course spots back out there for someone else to get. But for now, I’m registered and really, really excited.