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I broke the 6 month streak I had with that New Year’s Resolution by failing to make a pie last month. I can explain this, though.

I didn’t get home from my travels until July 16th, so that was half of the month gone already. Then I ended up with this summer cold that still won’t quit, and the end result is the attention span of a goldfish. In addition to not making a pie, I didn’t finish a single book in July (don’t get me started on how woefully behind on my reading goals I am this year). My plan was actually to make a quiche as my July pie. But the thought of eggs has had me running for the hills, and I’ve been too cooped up to go buy any fresh fruit for an alternative pie plan. Lame excuses, I know. Will I make it up some month with a double-pie extravaganza? Couldn’t tell you. But hopefully August will produce some great eats.

In the meantime, I’m heading back to bed with my tea and Gatorade.