Other pie/apron projects: January Pie: Lemon Meringue, February Pie: Milk Chocolate Pudding.

Confession: The apron I made this month was a bit of a nightmare, so I made the pie for St. Patrick’s Day and didn’t finish the apron until…about an hour ago. It was the Cottage Apron from the book One-Yard Wonders, which is a cute book with barely-there instructions. Seriously, if you don’t already know how to do things like make darts (which I didn’t), this is a tough one to finish. I wasn’t thrilled with the directions, but the apron is pretty cute once you get there.

The pie recipe I settled on is The Pioneer Woman’s recent Grasshopper Pie recipe. I’ve known since I started this pie project that I wanted to use Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in a St. Patrick’s Day minty pie. This was because I’d bought yards of Girl Scout cookie fabric last year with no idea what to do with it. I wanted to stash-bust that Thin Mint fabric into an apron. And I did. And the pie was yummy, but not Adam’s favorite thing. Understandable, it has a weirdly sweet and strange taste that makes me think of childhood. And toothpaste. It’s very 50s, very retro, and fabulous in an Ambrosia salad kind of way.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the pie:
1 box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
2 Tablespoons Butter, Melted
24 whole Large Marshmallows (or Container Of Marshmallow Fluff)
? cups Half-and-half
2 Tablespoons Creme De Menthe Liqueur (more To Taste)
2 Tablespoons Creme De Cacao Liqueur
Drop Or Two Of Green Food Coloring
1 cup Heavy Cream
Extra Cookie Crumbs, For Sprinkling

For the apron:
One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins
1 yard of fabric for the apron
1 yard of fabric OR 2″ wide ribbon for the straps
1 pack of 1/2″ single fold white bias tape (I’m still using up my Christmas Apron 2006 stash)

For the apron: Cut out the pattern piece.

For the pie: Grind the cookies to crumbs in a food processor.

For the pie: Cut out the pattern from the fabric.

For the apron: Add the butter and pulse to combine.

For the apron: Make the pockets.

For the pie: Press the crumbs into the pie dish and set aside.

For the apron: Attach bias tape to the tops of the pockets, then topstitch them onto the apron.

For the pie: Heat the marshmallows and heavy cream in a saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, until melted.

For the apron: Completely screw up the darts, then throw the apron aside until you can consult your mother to find out what on earth you’re supposed to be doing. Okay, don’t do that. But here’s what happened when I thought I was making darts.

For the pie: Stick the bowl of marshmallow goodness in an ice bath to cool quickly.

For the apron: Figure out what you’re doing, make the darts.

For the pie: Add the creme de menthe and the creme de cacao.

For the apron: Sew on gathering stitches.

For the pie: Add the green food coloring, if your creme de menthe isn’t already bright green.

For the apron: Gather up the gathering stitches and pin to the rest of the apron, right sides together.

For the pie: Make the whipped cream.

For the apron: Iron your seams and exam your work. If you don’t mess up the darts, you won’t have holes at the bottom of them like I do.

For the pie: Mix the whipped cream and green marshmallow mixture together until smooth.

For the apron: Encase the entire apron in bias tape, pin, and stitch together. Make sure you get through all 3 layers, this was a nightmare to do!

For the pie: Pour the mixture into the waiting pie crust.

For the apron: If you’re using ribbon, skip this part. If you’re making your own straps, cut 3 strips of fabric 8″ wide by the length of the fabric. Iron the sides of the fabric into the center, then fold the whole thing in half and iron down. Now you have straps that just need stitching.

For the pie: Smooth the filling into the pie.

For the apron: Attach the neck strap. I veered from the book’s pattern at this point and just connected a strip of strap between the apron straps.

For the pie: Sprinkle remaining cookie crumbs on the top of the pie.

For the apron: Attach the waist straps, stitching close the straps as you go. Cover the gathering stitches with the strap.

For the pie: Stick it in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Then eat it!