We’ve been busy running around and getting into our usual fall pick-your-own adventures. Two trips for apple picking and one trip to Dearborn Market for pumpkins. We haven’t made it out to Atlantic Farms yet this year to pick one out of a real field, but we may still make the drive for turkey and gourds. And to feed the animals.

We made two apple picking trips. The first one was to Eastmont Orchards with someĀ friends from H’s school.

eastmont 2014

H wanted no part of apple picking. She just wanted to draw in the dirt with a stick.

eastmont 2014 2

So we got no apples that day, and a week or so later we ended up at Battleview Orchards. We did get loads of apples then.

battleview apples 2014

Mostly, though, I picked while H ran through the orchard.

battleview apples 2014 2

The weekend before last we all headed over to Dearborn for pumpkins.

dearborn 1

dearborn 2

dearborn 3

It’s very important to find just the right pumpkin.

dearborn 4

And she did.