The Reeve family definitely got their apple picking and pumpkin picking on this month. The first weekend of the month was apples at Battleview Orchards. I was very excited to introduce Adam to one of my favorite summer spots with H. Seriously, the country store sells the best sugar cookies known to man. We went to the store first to get hot cider and supplies. Then it was out to the fields.

They’re actually way more organized and helpful than Eastmont Orchards.

It was actually a really gloomy day. We were out very early in the morning to drop off a trunk full of books for my sorority’s charity drive. And we only stayed out picking for maybe half an hour, we just beat the pouring rain.

But it was so worth it. We went back to Battleview the next week for more cider and goodies from the store, but we went after lunch and it was a MOB. SCENE. Traffic down the road in both directions, a packed store, overflowing lots. Everyone and their uncle went apple picking last Saturday, so I was actually kind of thrilled we went on a rainy Monday early in the month.

H’s kind of an expert fruit picker by now.

And they were some good looking fruits.

Then last weekend we went back over to Atlantic Farms to get a pumpkin out of a real pumpkin patch. None of this random field littered with pumpkins business. But again, we learned that we MUST get out of the house earlier. We tried to go to Hinck’s for lunch again and it was also a mad house. These beautiful days are bringing out all the other people that love fall, it’s cramping my style.

But still, it was a gorgeous day. And yes, we put the baby in a pumpkin hat to go pumpkin picking. We are those people.

I love this stuff! More on the apples later, and I’m still deciding how to carve the triumphant pumpkin. And, you know…whether or not I need to go to Whole Foods and buy 5 more for a porch-scape.