We took H to Atlantic Farms on Saturday, just like last year, to get a pumpkin and visit the petting zoo. We stopped at Hinck’s next door for lunch first; it wasn’t as crowded as last year, and still insanely delicious. Confession: we may have gone at least once over the summer to get a turkey dinner fix. Who can just save it for the holidays?

We didn’t have the best timing for pumpkins. It started raining while we were walking through the petting zoo. But, we got a prize pumpkin and still had an awesome family day.

ppicking13_2H liked most of the animals, but she really liked the birds. Especially this goose.


I just like these last two pictures for demonstrating mom behaviors I didn’t even know I had. I now clean my kid’s face in public with my fingers. At least I didn’t lick them first…I don’t think.