fondant day 1I’ve now started the 3rd class in the Wilton cake decorating series, which focuses on fondant.

I’m extremely excited about this class since I’ve wanted to work with fondant forever and find it kind of daunting. But my concerns so far with this class are how to make the stuff actually taste good (there’s a reason we went with cupcakes instead of a fondant masterpiece for our wedding) and how hard it is to knead food coloring into it. Seriously, unless you want to make white cakes forever there’s a lot of elbow grease that goes into prepping fondant. Which I knew, I just didn’t know how much.

At any rate, I’m excited to learn. Tonight I walked out the door with all my carefully organized supplies sitting on the kitchen table, so mostly I observed and mooched off some classmates for practice. We didn’t do very much with actual fondant tonight, we learned how to make some more buttercream decorations like these flowers in the photo (which I actually really like). We just kneaded some fondant and tried to work some color into it, so I will be doing that on my own this week to get ready for the next class.

The last class is the night before Thanksgiving, so I’m already working up to the festive final cake for that event.