guy_fawkesAnd happy birthday to my mother-in-law Cora and brother-in-law Morgan. They always help me remember, remember the fifth of November.

It’s NJ Teachers Convention weekend! No school today or tomorrow. I didn’t go down to Atlantic City for the convention this year, someday I will get down there. But I did spend the day with my mom; we went to see This Is It. It was a fascinating movie, but it was also quite long. But incredible to see the atmosphere Michael Jackson built on stage and with his crew. He was quite a perfectionist, and he knew the music inside and out. It was a learning experience for me about what goes into making a tour, definitely.

carrolboyesnecklaceFor some reason I am absolutely exhausted today, so this post will be short and probably a little scatterbrained. But now that Cora’s birthday has arrived I did want to finally share the present we got her. I found this necklace back in August and have been holding on to it for Cora’s birthday. I hope she loves it, it’s a Carrol Boyes piece from her shop on Prince St. I saw it and instantly thought of my mother-in-law, who does a lot of research on goddesses and is very ethereal and free-spirited.

Holiday plans are already in full-swing here. Our holiday party is scheduled for December 5th, the invite has gone out. And since we will be in Europe for the holidays this year with Adam’s family I’m already making weekend-before-Christmas plans with mine. Lots happening, and only 7 weeks until Christmas! It sounds like a lot now, but I know it will race by in a blur. I need to get crafting, and soon, for this holiday season.