Man, oh man, Fall. You’re a doozy this year. I bit off a lot–a new part-time teaching job, taking H to 3 therapies a week, plus a HUGE feature that I worked on for 6 months. I just submitted it on Friday, so we’ll see how that goes down. It’s been so busy that I never posted about my other 2 magazine articles published this fall.

I have another article in Generation Q, this one a shop profile of Spool in TN–the Badass Quilters’ Society shop. That’s in the current November/December issue.

AND, in super exciting news, I had my first piece in New Jersey Monthly. It was a one-page shop profile of a boutique owned by another mom at H’s school. That was in the October issue.

So these are hugely exciting things, and so is this feature I just finished. It was labor-intensive enough that I didn’t really take on any other articles this fall while finishing it up.

Which turned out to be a smart move, since I didn’t anticipate how much this whole return to teaching would take out of me. I teach 2 days a week, but it’s a lot to squeeze into that time. For the first two months I was going in on my off days to organize the library and doing a lot at home to try and settle into the job. The library still needs a lot of organizing and rearranging, but now I feel like I’m at a point where I’m comfortably getting things done. I’m not scrambling right now.

And with this feature turned in, I’m hoping I can start pitching again for some stuff in the new year.

It’s kind of insane to think how much I’ve done in 2014 on the writing front. I haven’t thought about it until now, but I’m quite proud of myself. My very first print article in a magazine was published in Generation Q in the January/February issue. Since then I’ve done two more pieces for that magazine, one for New Jersey Monthly, and then this feature for a third magazine (which I think will be published in April). I also wrote one piece for Felicity Huffman’s mommy site What the Flicka?. I would love to do more for them, I’ve just to get time management under control.

That’s a big hope for me for 2015. Time management, more pitching, and a better overall juggling of teaching life, mommy life, and writing life. AND quilting life! I’ve barely quilted this year, so hopefully more of that is on the horizon.

I loved this year. I had no idea it would end this way when it started, but I’m really, really content with all these things I’m juggling. They’re all awesome and totally worth juggling.