I loved today. Such a great summer day, and a great unwind after some stressful work times. Tuesday is my last day of work, so I’ve been closing up the library, saying my goodbyes, packing up and hauling home all of my personal work stuff. That has occupied a lot of my thoughts the past week, so today was a really nice respite. At this point I am mentally done and gone, I just need the days to physically end.

H had her last Saturday morning baby swim class today (it is as adorable and fun as it sounds). Then we stopped at a flea market (meh), and she had a giant nap at the nail salon while I got a mani/pedi. She woke up and played with my phone, staring lovingly at a picture of my mom and then holding the phone to her ear to try and talk to her (she was a HUGE hit with all the ladies). We swung home to pick up Adam, headed to Jersey Shore BBQ in Belmar for lunch, checked out the rebuilt boardwalk, and made a detour to Battleview Orchards on the way home for the very first day of sour cherry season. Score! My family’s coming over tomorrow so Adam can try out his new grill, I might make a pie.