“H” outdid herself this year (Adam took this photo).

I never posted about Father’s Day, which was very low key. Adam caught up on hours of video games, did some DIY stuff, and requested Chicken Paprikash for dinner. But I’m pretty thrilled with his gift, this monogrammed steak branding iron from The Prairie Forge in Wyoming. I played phone tag for a few days to place my order (there is no online ordering at this working ranch and iron forge), and Cate could not have been sweeter. They had this brand and the accompanying branded board to me within two weeks.

And Adam loved it. He has been itching to get his hands on something to brand with his initials all week, and I think he’s stoked to get his friends over to show off his new Weber grill and brand some meat. My family is coming over today for a cookout, so he’ll have a chance to test it out. I love it, and it’s from a real, made in the USA ranch, and he was totally surprised.

Well played, H Frances.