I want this chair.

No idea where I would put it, but I want it. I was looking on the West Elm site for ideas on what to put one of my last Christmas gift cards towards. And I saw this.

Just this week I used the Williams-Sonoma gift card from that same treasure trove of goodies my mom gave me.


I bought these hard-to-find Message-in-a-Cookie cutters. They’re sold out online, and eBay already has some going for nearly $50. But I walked into my local store and found them for the normal price of $19.99. No problems. So I also got some plain white cupcake papers (a staple), and some gorgeous sanding sugar, candy pearls, and little hearts for decorating.

So I still have my Sephora gift card and that West Elm card. And one for a restaurant. But I think the others have all been spent on delightful goodies by now.