Adam and I are celebrating Christmas today. Which is convenient, since the snow has basically made us shut-ins for the time being. We opened most of our presents to each other, had some prosecco, and watched a Mythbusters marathon.

Some highlights and lowlights.


I started making homemade cinnamon rolls last night, but in a huge holiday baking fail I used regular yeast instead of the instant yeast called for in the recipe. So after hours of prep and waiting, they never rose.


I gave Adam some new UGG slippers to replace the tattered old slippers he’s been wearing for a few years. They’re incredibly soft inside.


I bought 2 of these mugs from the ALA store. Those are the Dewey decimal numbers for hot chocolate and marshmallows. And they came with their own spoons! This makes my inner geek sing AND dance.


I gave Adam some geography gifts this year. A gorgeous new Oxford Atlas of the World and this geography board game Locale.


Adam got me an electric fondue pot! I’ve wanted one forever. So we took it for a test run for lunch today. I made cheese fondue with leftovers: the leftover prosecco and some Gruyere and Campo de Montalban that I had in the fridge. Excellent with apples and crusty bread (I always keep some of those frozen Whole Foods baguettes around for emergencies like this).


I made some Christmas cupcakes from the dark chocolate cupcake (sheet cake) recipe in America’s Test Kitchen Baking Book. I colored some frosting red and added festive sprinkles.


I also made a lasagne for Christmas dinner. So good, and there are tons of leftovers to get us through the rest of this week’s lunches.

But the best thing came a little while ago. I got the official call that I have a Snow Day tomorrow! W00t!