We went into Manhattan with my brother and my friend Kat to see Avatar in IMAX 3D today (which was awesome but really long). We’ve been planning it for weeks, so of course the blizzard of the century hits today. It was snowing here at the shore this morning, but it wasn’t snowing in New York yet. When we left the movie it had started but wasn’t sticking, so it was just wet and cold. But when we got home it was a different story.

By the time the train got into our station we had almost a foot of snow. It was quite entertaining climbing to Kat’s car and digging it out. Then Adam had to go back out to plow our driveway. His new electric snowplow arrived today, but it can only handle so many inches of snow. He’ll have to plow twice, poor guy.

We are now holed up until Monday. Tomorrow is Christmas Pt. 2 (Adam and Jackie Christmas), so we’re all set to have a day inside the house.

Anyway, I’m tired and rambling after a long, fun, memorable day. Here are some photos of the storm:


Leaving the station parking lot.


Driving home.


The view out our back door with the flash.


The view out our back door without the flash.


Adam plowing the snow piled up outside the garage.

Winter is here, no doubt.