starting christmas cardsI’d decided months ago that I wanted to make our holiday cards this year, so with Thanksgiving coming up in just a few days I started this project today.

I’ve been fighting against some very unpleasant migraines on and off since Thursday, and this has been a low-key weekend trying to fend off headaches. So I’ve been doing projects like this to start getting ready for the holidays. I’m excited with the idea, I’ve got snowflake and tree die cutters that I’m using on my extensive collection of papers and card stock. I bought that nifty Martha Stewart small snowflake punch, and I just need to get some glitter pens or stamps that write on dark paper to really finish them with some more embellishments. Maybe sequins?

I’ve cut the card stock for about half the cards I’ll be sending this year, and that went pretty quickly. It’s just deciding on what paper to use and how to decorate the cards that’s more time consuming (and doing things like cutting trees upside down, accidentally gluing things to them, the usual hazards of cut-and-paste). But these might be ready to mail by Thanksgiving weekend, I need to track down some envelopes.