I’ve seriously started the holiday gift brainstorming by going through piles of December issues of magazines (which have the gift guides) and all my known online resources. I’m coming across some seriously awesome goodies out there. Unfortunately I want a lot of them for myself….


Bula makes a huge variety of winter hats with speakers built in. Just plug in your iPod and go. If I had the kind of hair that would under a hat, I’d be all over this. I’m considering this for our 12-year-old-niece.


Considering my childhood love of Legos and our upcoming trip to Paris, this Eiffel Tower Lego set is pretty amazing. They have some other great architectural wonders on the Lego site (that Taj Mahal set is serious business), but what I would really love is to use the DesignByMe Lego site to create a custom set for someone. Just trying to think whose the most deserving, and I need to figure that out by December 3rd (last day for holiday shipping).


Sephora does a version of their ultimate palette every year for the holidays, and I’ve bought them in the past. For just under $50 it’s kind of a steal, and amazingly enough the makeup doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin. These “ultimate” palettes often use cheap stuff to really pack it in for less, but the Sephora one is packed with real-deal good stuff. I may get two since my current palette is now seriously outdated; one to give, one to keep.


I want pretty much everything on the Iomoi site, which I’ve loved for years (is it wrong to buy pricey pencils just so they’ll match every room they’re in?). But I get a kick out of their custom desk and home goodies, like these Union Jack paperweights.


I’m not a guy, but I think Built NY (maker of my beloved lunch bags) has managed to make the ultimate “dude” diaper bag. You can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag, it looks like some sort of awesome guy-friendly messenger bag that ninja-maneuvers into a diaper bag. I’m already trying to think of new dads or soon-to-be dads that need one of these.