I bought these great Happy Little HIPPO Notecards from Cherries & Whales’ Tails this week. They have amazingly fun, customizable stationery. I even started to do a custom gorilla design with Suzanne before I saw these hippos and changed my mind. I dare anyone receiving one of these in the future NOT to smile when you see that hippo!

I also bought these brilliant Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sachets from Peep Accessories for Chicks. They have such clever crocheted sachets and goodies on their site, I’m thrilled about finding these. I almost bought a set of the cupcakes because of my cupcake obsession, but I thought these were the coolest. I poked around on their website to discover the company is a mother and 2 daughters, and one of the daughters is a librarian! Plus, they’re local to me. I *heart* Etsy.

Growing up in my house, The Natural and Field of Dreams were like a religion. I sat through endless episodes of The Baseball Bunch with my older brother; I don’t think I realized Tommy Lasorda wasn’t actually a genie until middle school. One of our few family camping trips was to Cooperstown, NY so my brother could really experience baseball history. He taught me to play when I was probably still in diapers. And even though I was never very good and eventually abandoned baseball entirely, I have great memories of playing catch with him outside our front door. So I’ve fallen in love with Lemon Ball‘s beautiful vintage handstitched lemon peel style baseballs. They are so iconically American in a long-forgotten way that is devoid of politics and scandals.

These Brown Sugar Gingerspice shortbread cookies from Whimsy & Spice look amazing. All their stuff looks amazing. I’ve been poking around on their blog, which I love, and will definitely be attempting their Chocolate Butterscotch Bars very soon! And since I have one or two friends in Brooklyn, I may be tracking down these treats at a shop one of these days.

I just found out yesterday that a friend of mine is pregnant, giving me more opportunities to practice my baby gift making abilities! While hunting for inspiration, I found this Moon and Stars Blanket from hibernate that I think is just fantastic. I love the quilting on the front only, and these colors just seem fresh and exactly what I want to see right now. Maybe I’ll just buy her something….

I found this Starry Night print from Foreign Affair, an Etsy shop based in Portugal. Isabel’s shop is new and she has some very cool prints.