I’ve been all over Etsy this week and I’m obsessed with patterns and prints.

This week I bought this Amigurumi Happy Weather Mobile Pattern from AmyGaines. Her patterns are the most original I’ve seen, and someday when crochet and I become more than just acquaintances, I will make this. I have looked at this picture all week when I’m feeling grumpy, and I’ve discovered that it’s just impossible not to smile at it. What I’m still trying to find is a pattern for a knitted/crocheted/sewn gorilla. I collect gorillas and cannot find a way to make my own yet!!

WE MAKE is actually a UK collective of UK crafters and designers. They have a small Etsy shop to raise money for their first fair in June, all the items were donated for this fundraiser. I love this End of the School Day print from janicej.

I’ve been hunting for patterns and inspiration a lot this week, and this little guy from DesignShop is fantastic. This kind of thing will make me stick with crochet, just so I can learn how to make him. They also have a hedgehog pattern that I love.

This print of Manhattan neighborhoods from narchi is excellent. I don’t know whether to buy it and save it for a Christmas present or hang it on my own wall.