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This one is finished! I was making this for H’s speech therapist, who is amazing and expecting a baby girl next month. And I got it delivered to her this week before she heads off on maternity leave. We will miss her! So, she gets a quilt.

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I’ve finished this quilt top!

I haven’t touched this project in a couple of weeks, I don’t entirely know why. I haven’t sewn much at all, other than H’s crown (which I’m obsessed with). I have to admit that the days have been sailing by midsummer in too much of a blur. I have seriously got to take stock this week and get myself organized. I will blink and it will be September, H will be starting Montessori, and our days of hanging out together will be over for another summer. Boo!

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So Ryann’s daughter was born yesterday! I’m bringing this quilt up over the weekend, but I thought I’d back up and show some of the work-in-progress photos.

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My first commissioned quilt!

A friend of mine from high school, Ryann, reached out to me back in October to see if I could design and make a quilt for her daughter, who is due to arrive the week before Christmas. She has a year old son, Jack, and wanted something that was hot pink and navy (to match Jack’s nursery, since the siblings will be bunking together for a while). I made some sketches, and after the storm had settled we met for coffee to look them over. She picked this one.

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I worked on this quilt so quickly that I haven’t even done any other posts on it. I finished this a couple of weeks ago for one of Adam’s coworkers, whose baby girl was just born 3 months premature. I thought she could use something for those days and nights in the NICU.

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