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This one is finished! I was making this for H’s speech therapist, who is amazing and expecting a baby girl next month. And I got it delivered to her this week before she heads off on maternity leave. We will miss her! So, she gets a quilt.

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I’ve finished this quilt top!

I haven’t touched this project in a couple of weeks, I don’t entirely know why. I haven’t sewn much at all, other than H’s crown (which I’m obsessed with). I have to admit that the days have been sailing by midsummer in too much of a blur. I have seriously got to take stock this week and get myself organized. I will blink and it will be September, H will be starting Montessori, and our days of hanging out together will be over for another summer. Boo!

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So Ryann’s daughter was born yesterday! I’m bringing this quilt up over the weekend, but I thought I’d back up and show some of the work-in-progress photos.

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My first commissioned quilt!

A friend of mine from high school, Ryann, reached out to me back in October to see if I could design and make a quilt for her daughter, who is due to arrive the week before Christmas. She has a year old son, Jack, and wanted something that was hot pink and navy (to match Jack’s nursery, since the siblings will be bunking together for a while). I made some sketches, and after the storm had settled we met for coffee to look them over. She picked this one.

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I worked on this quilt so quickly that I haven’t even done any other posts on it. I finished this a couple of weeks ago for one of Adam’s coworkers, whose baby girl was just born 3 months premature. I thought she could use something for those days and nights in the NICU.

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And exhale. This week was crazy, but now I’m back. As of yesterday I am 6 months (24 weeks) pregnant, I can’t believe how fast it’s going.

My mom and Laura Ann threw me a baby shower last Saturday. It was at my house, so I knew about it. My mom originally booked this really cute tea shop in Red Bank, but they went bust over the summer without telling anyone. I saw one of the owners working in the Easy Spirit store at Jersey Shore Outlets, go figure. So anyway, since we’d picked the weekend and some of the British folks had already bought plane tickets, we decided to have it at my house. And it was so lovely, I had an amazing time!

It’s now 8 in the morning a week later, I’m wide awake, and I decided to start posting the photos. So forgive me if I’m slightly delirious and mushy, it really was a great day. My mom and her accupuncturist found the caterers, and they were great. Perfect Blend out of Trenton, they cater tea parties. The ladies were so nice, the food was amazing, and they left the kitchen cleaner than it was when they got there.

I only used my point and shoot for photos, but I did get a few shots of the day. My living room was taken over by pink balloons and tables.

And the caterers transformed it.

Laura Ann brought my FAVORITE cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I could’ve just eaten these all day.

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I ordered these two Mini Boden dresses for The Sprout:

I ordered the Fun Pocket Pinafore in the owl print in size 6-12 mos (for next fall) and the Funky Pinafore in Strawberry Jam Tarts for 0-3 mos. It looked light enough to go from late winter, when the baby is due, through to early spring. I am completely smitten, and I know from Adam’s slightly petrified expression that he now realizes this is just the beginning.

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I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to finish this simple stroller blanket, but there you go. Three months is apparently my average these days.

And I really love this giraffe print flannel I found at JoAnn for the back. I wasn’t sure about using a JoAnn flannel, but it was too perfect to pass up.

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I’ve finished the top for this stroller quilt! So I mentioned before that this was adapted from the “Annabel” quilt design in a special issue of Quilters Newsletter. But I made some changes. I used 6 prints and the chocolate brown solid. From each print I cut a 5″ square, two 2.5″ x 5″ strips, and two 2.5″ x 9″ strips. From the chocolate brown I cut six 5″ squares and 12 each of the 2 strip sizes. I also cut sashing strips in the chocolate brown that were 3.5″ wide. I actually cut several long strips, sewed them to the quilt top, and trimmed them as I went. But the overall size of the quilt top at this moment is 37″ x 27″–smaller than the normal size I’d make a baby quilt, and hopefully perfect for a stroller. I’m going to back this quilt with some flannel to make it a little softer on the baby’s side.

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I finished the blocks! This is now officially the first thing I’ve sewn all summer. Here’s hoping I get this finished soon and shipped off to its new home.

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