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I’m finishing up a commissioned baby quilt this week, to be delivered on Thursday. After I made the chevron quilt for H’s speech therapist, using Crazy Mom Quilts’ tutorial, another staffer at her speech clinic commissioned one for her friend’s baby shower. In lovely lavender and gray fabrics that she picked out from Fat Quarter Shop.

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So this chevron quilt is from Crazy Mom Quilts Zig Zag Quilt tutorial. I know usually chevrons are made with half square triangles, but I just could not face HSTs at the moment. I needed to get this quilt done ASAP. And this tutorial has been fabulous.

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I have been in the craftiest funk evvverrrr. I’ve barely sewn anything for most of 2013, it has not been a great year for my sewing machine. I made H’s crown, which I loved, but I had kind of a negative experience posting about it. So that took some of my mojo away. Since I got the news about my job back in March, I really have just been working to balance life at home, trying to work from home, and chasing a toddler. I feel a little guilty when I sit at the sewing machine.

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So I finished sewing together all my 4-patch blocks, and I’ve arranged them the way I want them. I started with 5″ squares, and now my blocks measure 9.5″ square. I have twenty blocks ready to be pieced together for the top.

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So it’s been a little more than 2 weeks since work ended, and I’m (hopefully) starting to hit a stride. H went through almost a solid month of nonstop teething right around the end of the school year, which just turned things upside down a little. Plus I started writing in earnest for GeekMom and trying to keep up with my posts. The house has been in a state while I finished up the job, so…in general it’s been a little chaotic around here since, oh…mid March.

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