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If you head over to my quilting and sewing Instagram, @orangeroomquilts, you’ll see that I’m running a giveaway through this Saturday, January 28th at midnight. I just rearranged my studio this month, and I have a huge pile of fabrics that I pulled from my stash and decided not to keep. So, I’m packing up a large USPS flat rate box and giving it away as a prize!

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Earlier this summer Cloud9 Fabrics asked if I would make a Corduroy version of the Easy Peasy Quilt I did for their Knuffle Bunny fabric collection. The Corduroy line of prints just launched this month, and the quilt is now up on their site! I don’t think this stops being exciting, it’s just really cool to see something you’ve made out in the world like that.

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I’m kind of exhausted by politics this year, it must be said. But I made this banner last week during the DNC to celebrate HRC’s historic nomination for a major political party. I’m full of excitement and positivity about my kid’s future, and whatever happens in November (and my own personal politics, which are hard to ignore with a banner like this), representation matters. 

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I started this as a secret project back in February, but it’s going to be a tutorial here on my site once I’m finished with it. This whole quilt top came together really quickly, with simple squares in 3 sizes: 3.5″, 6.5″, and 12.5″.

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I have been in the craftiest funk evvverrrr. I’ve barely sewn anything for most of 2013, it has not been a great year for my sewing machine. I made H’s crown, which I loved, but I had kind of a negative experience posting about it. So that took some of my mojo away. Since I got the news about my job back in March, I really have just been working to balance life at home, trying to work from home, and chasing a toddler. I feel a little guilty when I sit at the sewing machine.

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