Earlier this summer Cloud9 Fabrics asked if I would make a¬†Corduroy¬†version of the Easy Peasy Quilt I did for their Knuffle Bunny fabric collection. The Corduroy line of prints just launched this month, and the quilt is now up on their site! I don’t think this stops being exciting, it’s just really cool to see something you’ve made out in the world like that.

corduroy 2

I love these prints. And I loved this book so much growing up, and now as a (former) children’s librarian. It’s one of the few classic children’s books with a child of color, where race isn’t the main point of the book. Those depictions are critical for kids to feel represented, and Don Freeman and Ezra Jack Keats were sort of groundbreaking about it.

So being asked to make the quilt was wonderful for lots of reasons. I love working with Cloud9, and I love how this turned out. I wish I’d snapped some photos outside, though. It was pouring rain and I needed to get this one to the post office!

corduroy 3

corduroy 4