We’re going to Disney World in September, and even though Halloween will be weeks away we’ll be going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This is H’s first trip to Disney, and it’ll be our first time at the Halloween festivities. So I asked her what she wanted her costume to be, and we looked at some Disney characters and shows that she loves. She immediately settled on PJ Masks, and she was adamant that she would be Gecko, I would be Owelette, and Adam would be Catboy.

So this has been my life for the last week or two, along with all kinds of work and home stuff. I’ve been sourcing supplies and getting ideas. I decided to try and find hooded t-shirts for the 3 of us, rather than make clothes from scratch. I don’t have time for that, and there are some restrictions on what a) Disney will allow for adults and what b) Adam will wear as an adult.

Then I found these great swimsuit pieces on Amazon for H after a lot of searching. They are perfect! Knee length shorts, which will help in the hot Florida weather but still work with the costume.


I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a scallop design out (it was one of the presets available with the machine). I stuck it to the green clothes and drew scallop-shaped “scales” on with two colors of fabric markers for a little bit of dimension. I covered the shorts, the arms of the shirt, the hood, and the back of the shirt. I do see now that the scales are technically upside down on the shorts, but listen. Life is short, and so is she. I don’t think I need to get that carried away here.

I also used the Cameo to cut out each character’s logo in vinyl. For Gecko, I used the vinyl to cut out a felt logo to applique on to the front of the costume. For our costumes, I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. I tried to use the vinyl as a stencil and spray fabric paint on, but it just bled under all of the edges. I’m still deciding between paint and a brush, heat transfer vinyl, or felt like on her costume.

Gecko still needs a gecko tail and a casque on the hood, but so far I love it. And so does H, she insisted on wearing it around the house this afternoon (I just finished drawing the scales on last night). Although she did tell me he needed a gecko tail and some “scales on his head.”