I can’t believe it, but H is half a year old today. It went so fast, but when I look back it feels like she’s been here forever. I’ve been so nostalgic the past few days, and I just could NOT stop hugging and smooching this little nugget today.

I had a really good and much needed family day with Adam and H. After her 7am bottle she and Adam fell back asleep till 11, they were so cute passed out next to each other in bed. And I had some alone time to get stuff done, which I also really needed. We tried rice cereal with her for the first time since she’s 6 months now, she hated the taste. We’ll try again tomorrow. We walked around Red Bank, stopping for cupcakes and cheese. We drove to Belmar and had some killer ribs at Jersey Shore BBQ. We loved that place, we’ll definitely be going back. Then we came home and played on the Rainbow Quilt until bath time.

Perfect day, perfect baby, perfect family. I’ve had a stupid grin on my face all day.