The weather was gorgeous today, so we went to Red Bank’s International Flavour Festival late this afternoon to walk around. Last year it was called RiverFest and was held at Marine Park, I’m still trying to figure out if they are 2 different events.

H showed off her new sunglasses, she got lots of compliments. So did the stroller, Adam always gets a thrill out of people commenting on the stroller.

Dish (love that place!) had these great pulled pork sandwiches. The pork was amazing, the sauce could have used a little more tang–but I still could have devoured a few of these.

Adam and I split a great chicken gyro from The Bistro/Teak tent…

…and I went all out on a bag of deep fried Oreos from them, too. So wrong, but somehow so right.

The Cheese Cave had mac ‘n cheese, well played. It was delicious, and I’ve been stalking this store since I discovered them while pregnant–and unable to eat really good, unpasteurized cheese. I shall remedy this ASAP.

And the Red Bank Roller Vixens, our local roller derby team, were out raising money and recruiting. One of the team captains asked me if I’d ever thought about roller derby. I hadn’t…and now I seriously am. It would be kind of awesome, but I haven’t skated since elementary school.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood, made so much better with H.