I’ve had a lot of adventures lately, but since I’ve been neglecting this blog a little in favor of sleep and school mania they have gone undocumented. So I’m starting with something from this past weekend, the Brooklyn Book Festival. Kathy and I went on Sunday, and it was quite cool.

This is one of those events I’ve wanted to go to for years because there are always great children’s book authors in attendance. But something always comes up. Not this year, though. The weather was absolutely perfect fall gorgeousness, the best for walking around.

The highlight for me was Mo Willems. Kathy elbowed some parents and small children out of the way so she could get this photo of his reading for me (I was parked in a comfortable shady spot too far away for good photos):

I bought Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Knuffle Bunny from Bank St. Bookstore’s outpost at the festival, and Mr. Willems signed them both for Baby Reeve! I geeked out just ever so slightly, muttering about being a pregnant children’s librarian and a big fan. It was enough to sustain for me years, these first signed books in the baby’s library. Kathy got a copy of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus signed for her mom, Annie, who is another fabulous children’s literature fan.

We had lunch at the Food Freak truck, a brand spanking new truck that makes grilled cheese sandwiches and incredible crispy fried brussels sprouts.

Seriously, I hate brussels sprouts, but these little wonders tossed in agave nectar are like crack. Delicious, delicious crack.

And after lunch, Kathy and I called it a day with a commemorative photo. She is so much better at the arm’s length photo shoot than I am, as witnessed by the perfect lipstick and the fact that you can’t see up her nose. Life is a learning process, people. It was a completely fabulous day. 🙂