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The last leg of our UK trip last month was up to stay with my in-laws in Derbyshire and spend some time running around the country and running around Sheffield (which is South Yorkshire).

We spent a lot of time chasing lambs, feeding chickens, and hiking around the Peak District.

derbyshire yorkshire 7

derbyshire yorkshire 8

We lunched at Hathersage Social Club.

derbyshire yorkshire 9

Mmm…rarebit.derbyshire yorkshire 10Sunday lunch at the Fox House in Sheffield. This was one of my favorite afternoons, although H was pretty sad she couldn’t bring home a golden retriever she met named Goldie. Actually cried and asked why Goldie had to go home, it was sad and adorable.

derbyshire yorkshire 22

derbyshire yorkshire 23

derbyshire yorkshire 24

A perfect meal.derbyshire yorkshire 25Adam and I had a proper anniversary celebration once we got to Derbyshire. H had a sleepover with her grandparents while Adam and I spent a night in Sheffield in a great hotel, having drinks with his old friend Conrad, and eating in the heated outside area of Piccolino.

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derbyshire yorkshire 15My in-laws came into Sheffield the next morning on the train, which H loved. And we did some shopping at John Lewis (my 2nd favorite British store after Liberty). We also went through the Millennium Gallery shop, which I love.

So much great stationery at John Lewis.

derbyshire yorkshire 16

I bought this Filofax because obviously. I now have 3 planners, and I’m not sorry.

derbyshire yorkshire 17

More stationery!derbyshire yorkshire 18

There were great fabrics in the haberdashery, too, but I mostly stalked the incredible stationery department. And debated getting one of these mugs from the Millennium Gallery. derbyshire yorkshire 20

She’s so grown up! We barely needed the stroller this trip. derbyshire yorkshire 21

Goofing around with Grandad.

derbyshire yorkshire 26

We met up with Adam’s friend Richard and his wife Amanda in Bakewell, and we had a full English.

derbyshire yorkshire 2

Wandered around the Bakewell market.

derbyshire yorkshire 3

Hung out with some ducks (that’s H, Adam, Richard, and Amanda).

derbyshire yorkshire 4

derbyshire yorkshire 5

There was a stall selling Nutella-drizzled fresh donuts. She spotted the Nutella sign from down the road. A gooey stop was in order. derbyshire yorkshire 6

And then we just spent some time enjoying the scenery.

derbyshire yorkshire 27

derbyshire yorkshire 28

I have one more post on this trip, from our day at Chatsworth. But that’s worth it’s own post because that place is one of my favorites.