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On our last full day in the UK, we headed to Chatsworth. I’ve been before, but it was on my very first trip to England back in 2004. It was a lot different than I remembered.

I puttered around the house while my in-laws took H around the Farmyard to play with animals. She had the best time with a guinea pig named Bubbles, and now I want to get her a guinea pig.

chatsworth 8

I hadn’t been since before the Kiera Knightley Pride & Prejudice was filmed in parts of the house, so I wanted to see where. They used a few statues, and the statue gallery in the house.

chatsworth 12

chatsworth 13

chatsworth 14

chatsworth 15

chatsworth 16

chatsworth 17A statue of Matthew Mcfadyen was built for the movie, and now it sits in the gift shop.

chatsworth 5

With this hilarious sign. One of the guides in the house told me they had to put the sign up because the statue kept getting covered with lipstick.

chatsworth 18

The huge grounds around the house. I didn’t even touch the gardens, I still had my cane. It was exhausting doing the house, even with the wonderful guides who steered me to the elevator.

chatsworth 6

chatsworth 11

I did end up trekking up and down this hill a couple of times.

chatsworth 7

Getting into mischief with her grandad.

chatsworth 3

Meeting ducks.

chatsworth 1

We stopped to pose in front of this sign on the way out. I took a photo of a similar sign when I was there the first time, it’s buried somewhere in my photo files.

chatsworth 9

And then H took off across the hills, chasing sheep she spotted in the distance.

chatsworth 10It was a good end to the trip, which was wonderful. Now we’ve been back for 2 full weeks, today was H’s last day of school, and I just submitted my last spring article ahead of deadline. I guess it’s time to actually do the laundry from this trip and finish unpacking.