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On the first leg of our UK trip, we were staying outside of London with one set of my in-laws. So we did Legoland, then the next day we went into London. Fish and chips for lunch! Savile Row!

london 2016 2

Adam and my in-laws took H to Hamleys to see all of the toys ever.

london 2016 3

I went up the road to Liberty and made a complete example of myself.

london 2016 4

london 2016 5

I started in their stationery department, good lord. All of the pretties. I stocked up on prizes for my book club and treats for myself.

london 2016 6

london 2016 7

And this print!

london 2016 8

I bought it in an oilcloth apron. I’m still deciding if this is for cooking or crafts.

london 2016 9

And I got this change purse. I never carry a change purse, but I will now.

london 2016 10

I walked into this entire section of Liberty pajamas and couldn’t breathe for a minute. I mean, come on.

london 2016 11


london 2016 12

london 2016 13

My quilt friends told me about another shop, Shaukat, that sell tons of Liberty for less. But I couldn’t make it over there on this trip, we were too busy. I bought two delicious prints at Liberty, along with an armload of pin cushions, sewing kits, etc.

london 2016 14

I bought 2 metres of the print on the left, I’m totally making H a dress out of that one. Someday. When I don’t have a mountain of deadlines coming up before her school year ends.

The print on the right I had to buy, because orange. And paisley. *glitter hearts*