I’ve been stocking up on Liberty of London fabrics from a secret, cheap source in Manhattan. I’m not ready to share the source yet, because the members of my quilt guild who shared it will take back my crafter card if I spill the beans. The point is that now I have to figure out what to make.

I bought 3 yards of that dark blue print, and this may be the year that I tackle a dress for myself. I absolutely love that print for a dress. I’m not sure about the other 2 yet. This secret store has a few more Liberty prints in stock, too, and I’m debating whether or not to bribe H into making another trip with me this week to raid their inventory.

Neither of the other prints seem like a perfect fit for a H dress, but maybe the multicolor. I may hold on to them and use them in a future quilt. I have some smaller cuts of Liberty fabrics (bought at retail) that I’ve been hoarding, maybe I’ve got enough to piece together a full Liberty project now. We shall see.