I’m kind of…stunned. I can’t believe we have a 4-year-old now, but at the same time it feels like an ice age since she was a baby. Also, this kid killed it for birthday season this year.

Her superhero-themed party was a hit, and so were the favors. I don’t have many pics without all the other kids in them, so here’s a little video of her playing before everyone arrived.

Today, her actual birthday, was pretty great. They had celebratory muffins at school. Her speech therapist decorated the therapy room and gave her a perfect present.

4th birthday 2

She rode a new horse today at PT.

4th birthday 3

She’s got a closet-full of new Boden goodies now, thanks to several of her grandparents (more on those goodies once I have them all out of plastic and sorted).

4th birthday 4She asked for birthday donuts instead of a cake, and there was a general superhero theme to her entire festivities this year. Like her new favorite Wonder Woman shield.

4th birthday 5

AND, she got a bunch of the new DC Superhero Girl dolls. I’d been staking out Target since it was announced they’d hit the shelves on February 28th (the day of her birthday party!).

4th birthday 6

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl have moved right in with the other toys.

4th birthday 7

I have Bumblebee and Poison Ivy for her, too, but I’m holding on to those to give her later.

This kid is fabulous, and she’s had a fabulous birthday. This time last year we were struggling with some of her developmental¬†delays, and we weren’t sure how she’d do with preschool, speech, making friends, all of it. Suddenly, when she turned 3 everything was a much bigger deal than it had been before. There were evals upon meetings upon worries.

This year? Could not be a more different story. She’s settled, she’s thriving, we have great families in our lives, she’s made leaps and bounds with speech, OT, and PT. She sang “Happy Birthday” with us. Having such a resilient, happy, driven child–who is all of those things at a way younger age than I thought you could even be all of those things–is teaching us so much.

I’d get all teary-eyed for the umpteenth time today if it weren’t for the fact that she finally just fell asleep 20 minutes ago, after riding a birthday high ALL NIGHT LONG.¬†I am so very tired.