Yesterday we had H’s third birthday party at Sugarush in Red Bank. This is our favorite cupcake bakery, and I love that they’ve opened a party room for events.

hannah's 3rd birthday party 2

It was a small party in the end, but tons of fun. H was happy, happy, happy. This is one of the great things about little ones, they can have a great time in almost any circumstance. She spent most of the party just dancing with her big cousin Grace.

hannah's 3rd birthday party 3

Everyone decorated a little bag. They had candy favors and ate pizza. And our party host kept the music playing and the kids dancing and clapping.

hannah's 3rd birthday party 4

Decorating their own cupcakes was the big, main event. H very seriously emptied all of the sprinkles onto her plate so she could work on her cupcake.

hannah's 3rd birthday party 5

Happy third, little girl!

hannah's 3rd birthday party 6

My sister-in-law Kat took this photo of her blowing out her candle. She blew it out twice! Once in the middle of the Happy Birthday song, then again when we’d finished. She was so proud of herself for blowing it out, we’d been practicing our blowing at home. That was a Big Deal.

And now it feels official, she is THREE. There are presents and cupcakes and a party to prove it.

She is definitely getting better and better with age.