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I finished her dress! I used McCall’s M6541 pattern, but I just made the basic little pinafore dress with it. No applique or Ric Rac. This is the same pattern my mom used for a blue version of this dress last summer, and H is taller than the biggest dress size for the pattern now.

Because of the A-line shape I figured I just needed to make the biggest size and then grade the pattern so it was a bit longer.

stof dots dress 1


I added maybe an inch on to the longest pattern length, and it’s a smidge long at the moment but I figured she’ll grow into it by summer. Maybe I’ll take the hem out and do it again 1/2″ or so shorter in June if it’s still too long. It may shrink a bit when I wash it, too.

stof dots dress 2

I mean, I just can’t. This dress is everything I’d imagined and more.

I also learned to do some new techniques. I’ve done zippers and sewn on buttons doing aprons and bags and things, but I’ve never sewn a buttonhole or done a proper hem.

stof dots dress 3

I learned about understitching, and where to stop adding it. I had to rip out some stitches to make the dress lay flat.

stof dots dress 4


It does help with these big seams.

stof dots dress 5

I’d also never done facings before, like at the top of this dress. Plus, a real hem!

stof dots dress 6

I did a blind hem stitch and everything!

stof dots dress 7


stof dots dress 8

Squee!!! This was a great project to practice making clothes, something I’ve always wanted to do more of. She is an excellent model.