Stof is a Danish fabric company completely unfamiliar to me until last week. H and I went out to Pennington Quilt Works to spend my birthday coupon, and there were these magnificent dots. Stof’s Twist Style. The shop had more than one colorway, but this is the one H and I both loved (she tried to run off with the bolt). So I bought a yard.

Then I decided I had to make a little A-line dress for her with the fabric.

stof dots 2

I decided on the pattern on the right, and I started cutting out the dress even though I only had a yard. I knew I needed more, so I ordered online from Pennington. But in the ten days since I was in the shop buying this yard, the full bolt has sold out. And I could not find any other US stores that carry these dots!!

Today I ordered 3 more yards from Fabric Spark, an online shop in Canada. All of my fingers and toes are crossed that they won’t be out, either. I bought way more than I need, but this print is so hard to come by that I’m afraid to lose it forever. I might make myself something with these dots….