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I’ve finished quilting the Rainbow Quilt!

It really took me forever to figure out the best way to come up with a left-side guide for my walking foot. I tried a chalk liner from the hardware store, but it let out so much chalk and made such a mess that it was just wildly impractical. And there’s still blue chalk in the quilt, you can see the line of it cutting through the yellow/orange row. Fingers are still crossed that it will wash out when this quilt is completely finished.

By far the best solution was the ruler taped to the machine option. That worked pretty well, but the lines are still uneven. Eventually I decided that this is just the way it’s going to be, and I kind of like the slightly off-kilter look of it. Perfect grid lines look amazing, but I really like the personality in my lines. And I decided not to make a full grid, just the horizontal lines. I need to finish this up and move on to something else.

The quilting is white cotton Gutermann thread. There are only a few mistakes, so I’m really happy about that. The middle green square got a little bunched up during the quilting, but it’s all good. I can live with that little bit of bunching on my first big quilting job.

Now I have to trim it and bind it. That could also take a while, I’m kind of an appalling binder. But I’m going to try my best not to make a mess of it.