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So I realized (after talking to my mom about it) that I’m just not ready to do a meandering, free-motion quilting design on this quilt. It’s too big and I have too little practice on my little Janome. So my mom and I came to the conclusion that a simple grid would be a good way to practice quilting something this big without having to wrestle it around turns for a design. This is a great idea, and we were excited that I can use the guide on my walking foot to space the lines, rather than have to draw them on the quilt.

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Other posts on this project: Rainbow Quilt Pt. 1, Rainbow Quilt Pt. 2.

I’ve finally finished the quilt top. It had a bit of a hiatus this month after I pieced together all the rows at the end of January. I don’t know why, exactly. Well, yes I do. I got so many great new books for Christmas and my birthday that suddenly this project wasn’t as exciting to me as all the new shiny projects in these books. And unless it’s a project that’s going to eat up a big chunk of time, I try to finish a project before starting another one. So somehow as a result I just didn’t work on anything. But once I picked this back up last night I was excited about it again.

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