Exactly one year ago today, I posted a picture of this dress.

I was still pregnant, I’d caught a sale at Janie & Jack, and I was so excited to buy a frilly, girly dress. They only had it in size 6-12 months, so she’s only now fitting into it. We meant to put her in it for Christmas, but we just let her stay in PJs all day. So today was my nephew CJ’s Christening, and H wore the dress for the first time. I took terrible photos with my point and shoot, but I still just love seeing this dress finally on her. I should’ve had a little baby shoot when we got home, but Adam has been sick for days, H was asleep, and I sort of collapsed into this 2 hour nap without even realizing it.

I love it! And that face, I’m pretty sure she was about to get into some mischief right after I snapped this picture.