I was looking through pictures last night and realized that I never posted photos of her first Halloween costume. There really was no Halloween this year, but we did get dressed up to go visit my mom the weekend before the storm. I spent months agonizing over H’s first costume, planning a coordinating theme for the family, and I was so proud of this. I really wanted to show her off, but in the end we had just had a brief photo op in front of my mom’s and a quick tour around a very bizarre Halloween party at the Parks and Rec building in my hometown. It consisted of a hayride around the Little League field and a strange dance-type thing happening inside the building. The hayride line was down the block, and loud dances are not really H’s cup of tea yet.

But, I still think her Halloween experience deserves to be recorded for posterity Especially since it’s November 30th and holiday posts are about to take over my life. Last chance.

So here is HFR the sushi:

She loved eating that fish.

And we are…packets of soy sauce!

I painstakingly made shirts for Adam and me using my Cricut, t-shirt transfer paper, an online Japanese translator, and a really sharp X-Acto knife. I loved them!

And, of course, Nana loves sushi, too.