I’ve been on a mission to plan more activities with H, and we are having a ball. I made up a kind of lesson plan book for her specifically, because this is just how my brain works best. So, I’ve been loosely planning out our days in it. Not down to the second, but I’ve been planning library days, baking days, etc.

I’ve also been scouring Pinterest, our pantry, my craft supplies, my old lesson plans–everything–to come up with games and activities for around the house. That’s how¬†the snow painting started.

Last week I decided to set up a photo scavenger hunt. While H was napping I just put ten or so everyday items around the house and snapped photos of them on my phone in their hiding places.

scavenger hunting2

They were all everyday things she already likes to collect, so I knew she’d be excited about them. Things like a lip balm that I put in her dollhouse.

scavenger hunting3

Or a hair clip on her desk..

scavenger hunting 4

Or my quilted name tag on a side table.

scavenger hunting 5


When she woke up, we looked at each picture and then she ran off to find the treasures. She found everything within 10 minutes…it was a short hunt. But, boy, did she love it. I have to think of ways to make it harder but still doable.