This week is H’s spring break, and so far it’s been pretty up and down. On Monday we booked a trip for H, Hamilton, and me to head to Mystic for the second half of the week. Spring break fun with me and the small ones! But then I woke up Tuesday with another sore throat, went to my doctor’s walk-in clinic, and confirmed that I had strep. Again. Second time in two weeks.

So I started antibiotics, and we got H checked out. My doctor’s office thought she might be a carrier, since I’d had it twice in such a short period. And yep, she has strep, too. No visible symptoms, and she feels fine, and the rapid strep test was negative. But the throat culture was positive. By Wednesday I felt so much better (this round of strep was nothing like the first one), and H had antibiotics. So, we packed up and headed out.

I hadn’t packed a thing before Wednesday morning, since this trip was last minute and I got sick. So we were late getting on the road. As in, we did not leave the house until 3pm. Which was so great for rush hour and traveling with a dog and small child. A 3 hour drive to Mystic took us 5 hours, with two stops.

One to a McDonald’s with picnic tables outside, so the pup could get some fresh air while H ate some lunch.

And then another pit stop down the road. We made it to a grocery store not far from our hotel at 8pm, and we picked up some supplies before we checked in. My original plan was to check in a few hours earlier, leave Hamilton in his crate in the room, and run out to get supplies and dinner. That did not happen, but we made it work. This girl didn’t seem to mind too much.

Then we checked in, filled a luggage cart absolutely to the top with all the supplies you could need for 2 humans and a small dog to stay somewhere for three nights. And then these two made themselves at home.

It was a ridiculously late night. H didn’t fall asleep until almost 1am, but that’s because she slept in the car for part of the drive. We woke up bright and early this morning and headed out for a day of adventuring. But more on that tomorrow, or another day. We made it.