I haven’t posted since Hannah’s first day of school, it’s just the start of the busy season around here. I haven’t started her Halloween costume yet, and we’re still settling in to the school year. Plus we’ve hired a new sitter, and I’m heading into a lot of holiday deadlines with work.

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So, I’m working full time now, and life is a juggle. We have a part-time sitter, I’m not spending every afternoon with H anymore. Which is great for her–she gets to run around with a fun college student who does all the fun things she wants to do. And it’s great for me–I work, I use my brain, I love what I’m doing. But I miss those long afternoons with her, and the projects and activities we’d do together.

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Because they’re still delicious, even if they did take out my MacBook. Here’s the thing: Adam travels a few days a month for work now, and he hates shellfish and seafood. So, when he leaves town I take advantage and cook myself shrimp, scallops, mussels. Especially mussels, this recipe has become my go-to dinner (because a bag of mussels is like $7).

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I have a word for 2016, and it’s “more.”

Today is the first day after winter break, with Adam back at work and Hannah back at school. It’s the first day I’ve chosen not to be a teacher and to instead be a creative who works from home. I didn’t get up and go to a building for a job this morning. I’m jobbing right now, this is the beginning. I’m getting my ducks in a row and my thoughts in a…row.

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Here are a few things about April that I thought about while putting this month’s collage together:

  • I forget about this project a lot, and April was definitely a regression into lots of yoga pants (those would probably be the days missing photos).
  • I have really, really been digging striped shirts since I was pregnant with Hannah, after a lifetime of avoiding them.
  • I need a haircut (scheduled for tomorrow!). Too many ponytails.
  • It’s already May 7th, and I’m just getting to this post. Lots of THINGS happening here.
  • I miss wearing dresses, but not that white eyelet dress (purchased for a specific purpose, not to be fabulous).

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