I haven’t posted since H’s first day of school, it’s just the start of the busy season around here. I haven’t started her Halloween costume yet, and we’re still settling in to the school year. Plus we’ve hired a new sitter, and I’m heading into a lot of holiday deadlines with work.

Which means I’ve barely turned on the sewing machine all month, and cooking has just been so disorganized. We are eating to live around here. Adam’s had two business trips since school started, so…we’re just rolling into a new kind of fall, with new kinds of busy, and we’re still trying to get on top of things. But we’re getting there, and I’m finally starting to catch up on some household stuff that’s been pushed to the side since for a few months.

AND IT’S FALL. And, October. My absolute favorite month, favorite season, I’m just thrilled that it’s here. And I want to enjoy it, so I’m working to get organized. My thrown-together summer clothes are starting to turn into actual outfits again, which goes a long way towards making me feel like I’m getting back to myself, back into a rhythm. Summer was so busy, and so new, with the start of my job, with H’s first year in camp, with a sitter, with all kinds of changes. But, it’s all good.

And it’s October.


So, it’s all good.

Bonus outfits: